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    по слову YOU

    1. Толстой Л. Н. - Кенворти Джону (John Kenworthy), 10 ноября 1896 г.
    Входимость: 7. Размер: 6кб.
    Часть текста: always are very strong and seem to me indisputable, but I missed in your article the exposition of the relation between Truth and Love and a more profound definition of Truth than of B. Johnson. I think that Love is God, is life itself, is that, what is godly in man, and that Love, which is God and therefore infinite, being enclosed in man, tends to expand itself, and that is the motion of life, which we feel in ourselves, and that the unique means for Love to manifest itself and to expand is Truth. Falsehood, and especially falsehood against oneself, hinders Love to manifest itself and to expand. Therefore truth is so necessary and is the first of our duties; therefore also all the so often hypocritically used admonitions to love one’s neighbour are false and vain. Love is God and God is infinite, and man cannot augment God. All what a man can and must do, is to put aside all hindrances for the manifestation of God, i. e. Love, which is in him. And there is only one thing, that hinders this manifestation: that is falsehood. And not to think and to speak lies, when a man knows, that what he thinks and what he says is not true, is in the power of man. Therefore the first duty of man, who wishes to live a real life, is to be truthful in thoughts, words and deeds. And to this every man can tend and attain this «but». To be truthful in reference to your article, I must say, that I expected it stronger and shorter, especially the first part. You can write much better. You notice, that I always criticize your writings, it is because I love and esteem you and feel myself obliged to be so strict and severe in my judgements of you, as I try to be on myself. I hope, that notwithstanding my bad English and my faults you will understand, what I wished to say. My...
    2. Толстой Л. Н. - Стокгэм А. (A. Stockham), 20 сентября 1889 г.
    Входимость: 8. Размер: 3кб.
    Часть текста: Л. Н. - Стокгэм А. (A. Stockham), 20 сентября 1889 г. 424. А. Стокгэм (A. Stockham). 1889 г. Сентября 20. Я. П. Dear Madam. Александр Никифорович Дунаев , директор Торгового банка , на Ильинке. This is the ad[d]ress of M r Doonaieff a friend of mine who will tell you all about tokology which is being translated by a friend of his M r Dolgoff. 1 I am very sorry that I am not in Moscou and will not have the opportunity of making your personal acquaintance, if Toula is not on your way and you will not come to us. We would be very happy to see you. M r Dona[i]eff will tell you all what you can wish to know about the journey. 2 Yours truly L. Tolstoy. P. S. If it could happen that M r D[oonaieff] should not be in town or you could not see him please call at our house in Moscou Хамовники, д. № 15 where you will find my son 3 who will be happy to be useful to you. Милостивая Государыня. Александр Никифорович Дунаев, директор Торгового банка, на Ильинке. Это адрес г. Дунаева, моего друга, который будет рад помочь вам при посещении Москвы, а также скажет вам всё относительно токологии, которую переводит его друг г. Долгов. 1 Я очень сожалею, что я сейчас не в Москве и не буду иметь возможности познакомиться с вами лично, если Тула вам не по пути и вы не сможете заехать к нам. Мы были бы очень рады повидать вас. Г. Дунаев сообщит вам всё, что вам понадобится относительно поездки к нам. 2 Искренно ваш Л. Толстой. P. S. В случае, если г. Д[унаев] не в Москве или вам не удастся повидать...
    3. Толстой Л. Н. - Мак-Уистер Марте (М. Mac-Whister), 10 сентября 1891 г.
    Входимость: 12. Размер: 5кб.
    Часть текста: to have intercourse with me. Please give me more particulars about your kind of living: have you property, how do you manage it, are you non-resistants? What you write me about your taking low positions, working as servants, your laboring with your hands and your freedom of all a[c]knowledged confessions seems to me to be true conditions of a christian life. But I will be quite sincere — I hope you will be the same to me — and tell you what seems to me not right in your way of living. I think that to abandon husbands wifes and children is a mistake. A Christian I think must learn to live with all men as with brothers and sisters; and husbands, wifes and children should not make an exception. The more it is difficult for a Christian to establish brotherly relations between himself and his nearest relations, the more he must try to do it. The other thing that I do not approuve is that you do not allow your children to mix with the external world. I think a Christian must not enclose himself and his children in a narrow circle of his com[m]unity, but must try to act towards the whole world as if the whole world where his community and so he must educate the children. Please explain to me your words «when we received the light». How did you receive it? and what do you understand by the word «light»? Please also give me more details of the history of your community, I...
    4. Толстой Л. Н. - Кросби Э. (Е. Crosby), 15 февраля 1899 г.
    Входимость: 5. Размер: 5кб.
    Часть текста: me. I [am] very glad to be informed on your doings especially because I always approve of them. Your friend Leo Tolstoy. I think that the money that has been subscribed for the Douch[obory] must be sent to M-r Creary 6 the immigration agent in Winnipeg. Мой дорогой Кросби, Я очень рад, что Волкенштейн 1 вам понравился, и благодарю вас за то, что вы его приняли. Мой сын Сергей, который в Канаде с духоборами, 2 заедет к вам на обратном пути, и я надеюсь, что он вам тоже понравится. Оба слуха обо мне, 3 которые до вас дошли, ложны, и теперь, после моего письма о мирной конференции, 4 опубликованного в «Daily Chronicle», первый слух более вероятен, чем второй. Я прочел с большим интересом вашу статью о Шмите и его предшественнике 5 и благодарю за то, что мне ее прислали. Я очень рад, что меня извещают о ваших делах, особенно потому, что я всегда одобряю их. Ваш друг Лев Толстой. Думаю, что деньги, собранные для духоборов по подписке, надо послать м-ру Крири, 6 агенту по эмиграции в Винипеге. Примечания Датируется по содержанию, на основании упоминания об А. А. Волкенштейне и С. Л. Толстом (см. прим. 1 и 2), а также упоминания о данном письме в письме Толстого к жене от 15 февраля 1899 г. (см. т. 84, стр. 341) Эрнест Кросби (Ernest Crosby, 1856—1906) — американский писатель и общественный деятель, сочувствовавший...
    5. Толстой Л. Н. - Войзе Чарльзу (Charles Voysey), 7 июня 1901 г.
    Входимость: 6. Размер: 4кб.
    Часть текста: П . Dear Sir. I have received your letter and your sermon on my excommunication, as well as your books for which I thank you. I was very glad to know that I had co-religionists of which I did not know anything till now. I knew about the Unitarien but not about the Theistic Church. I have read some of the books and leaflets that you sent me to see that your belief is nearly the same as mine. I say nearly, because I do not regard Christ as an impostor as one of your co-religionists wrote to me some time ago 1 and do not lay at his door all the bad things that are included in the Gospel. All that I read in your books is quite congenial to me and especially your sermon on «The Philosophy of Human life». I am very sorry not to be able to send you my complete answer to the «Excommunication», but I wrote to my friend in England — V. Tchertkoff (Christchurch, Hants) begging him to send to you this answer and also some of my books on religious subjects by which you will see that without knowing each other personally we come to the same conclusions because we draw from the same source: human reason, love and...

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